Support of farmers is rising day by day – AAP

Jhajjar, 6 September.

The second day of the Kisan Mazdoor Khet Bachao Yatra being led by Dr. Sushil Gupta started from the Jhajjar assembly.

Kisaan Mazdoor Khet Bachao Yatra started on Sunday from the memorial of Chaudhary Sir Chhotu Ram Ji in Rohtak.

The first leg of the eight-day-long journey took place in Dadri after which the Yatra reached Jhajjar assembly today via Kaluvasa, Behrod, Maliyawas, Naugaon, Beri, Malik Pur, Majra, Chhara Bahadurgarh, Baroda, Sonipat, Ganaur, Samalkha, Israna and reached Panipat.  The second stop of the journey is at Panipat.
When the Yatra passed through Jhajjar, Bahadurgarh, Baroda, Sonepat, Rai, Ganaur, Samalkha, Israna, and Panipat Vidhan Sabhas, the local people gave welcome to Dr. Sushil Gupta.

Gupta said that Kisan Mazdoor Khet Rescue Yatra is getting huge support in these districts.

The local people are making arrangements for food and drink for the people involved in the yatra in support of the farmers.

Dr. Gupta said that farmers have been sitting on the roads for the last 9 months against three agricultural laws.

AAP Haryana has been sitting in solidarity with farmers against the government.  More than 600 farmers have lost their lives, despite this, the government is not ready to listen to farmers. The time has come for the farmers to show their power to this dogmatic government.

Gupta said the BJP government is doing politics of hate. Whereas our journey believes in the politics of love and fairness.  We are taking out a yatra in support of this farmers’ movement. During the visit, he targeted the Khattar government of Haryana and said that the BJP government is running a repressive cycle on the farmers.  At the behest of the Haryana government, the lathi-charge on the farmers started from Peepli and now reached Karnal.  There the government representative openly give orders to break the heads of farmers. Aam Aadmi Party is not going to keep quiet. Sushil Gupta said that those who support farmers are true patriots and those who oppose are traitors to the country.  He said that during the yatra there is a continuous influx of people in support of the farmers.

Yatra will end on September 13 at Gandhi Ashram Palwal.  The Yatra will pass through all the districts, assemblies of Haryana, through a route of about 4000 kilometers in eight days.